Inauguration Song Jennifer Hudson Makes A Secret Trip To Washington D C

Com initial report - Jennifer spokesman came out publicly saying that he won T singing the inauguration. Naturally, we ll let y when we all know more details. Com Snitch says, nobody says anything about [Jennifer arrival], and mine is that you ll be a part of the ceremony. But MediaTakeOut. MediaTakeOut. To see the first black president get sworn in. u003cP u003e u003c / p u003e It has won or t have. It could be you sing or just another one of the 2 million people, going to D. C. Com has learned exclusively from a source close to Barack Obama camp who Jennifer Hudson and members of his family are scheduled to get secret in Washington D. Com was the first news source in the world to say that the actress / singer Jennifer Hudson was invited to sing at Tuesday inauguration. From MediaTakeOut. MediaTakeOut. C on Monday.

21.1.09 13:44

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